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Digger Hire

We supply an extensive range of diggers and excavators for hire, with almost every size machine available from 0.8 tonne to 22 tonne.

On this page you will see our digger size comparison chart, this provides you with the approximate dimensions of our diggers and excavators.

Please download the specification sheet or click on the digger that you are interested in to see the actual dimensions of the machine.

We do stock machines that are not listed on this page which include 7 tonne & 13.5 tonne diggers / excavators for hire. We also offer a range of digger attachment hire services including breaker hire and auger hire.

Digger Type/ Excavator Size Digger Width Digging Depth Height Spec Sheet Download
0.8 Tonne Mini Digger / Excavator Hire 725mm Actual Width 1700 mm 2230mm with Rops up 1655mm with Rops folded
  1 Tonne Mini Digger / Excavator Hire 750mm Actual Width 1800mm 2230mm with Rops up 1655mm with Rops folded  
1.5 Tonne Mini Digger / Excavator Hire 990mm / 1240mm 2310mm 2340mm  
  2 Tonne Excavator / Digger Hire 1500mm 2500mm 2400mm  
3 Tonne Excavator / Digger Hire 1530mm 2850mm 2430mm  
5 Tonne Excavator / Digger Hire 1960mm 3380mm 2550mm
6 Tonne Excavator / Digger Hire  1960mm 3890mm  2550mm
8 Tonne Excavator / Digger Hire 2200mm 4250mm 2540mm
14 Tonne Excavator / Digger Hire 2600mm 5600mm 2800mm
20 Tonne Excavator / Digger Hire 2900mm 5800mm 3000mm  
22 Tonne Excavator / Digger Hire 3000mm 6600mm 3000mm

Please call us on 01494 559900 to book your digger hire.