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Generator Hire

Generator hire is available from us at competitive prices, with a fast delivery service available throughout Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Surrey and Berkshire.

We stock 3 sizes of generators including the small portable 2.7 kVA generator which is suitable for powering hand tools and lighting equipment, a slightly larger but still portable 5 kVA generator along with our robust 6 kVA generator, suitable for powering site tools and equipment. We have included the specifications on this page so that you can compare the specification for each generator quickly and easily.

We supply a comprehensive range of plant and tool hire including light hire and heater hire which you may need if you are hiring a generator.

Call us on 01494 559900 for all of your plant and tool hire needs, we are here to help.

Generator Power Sockets Fuel / Tank Size Running Time / Tank Dimensions
2.7kVA / 2.2KW 1 x 115V 16A sockets
1 x 230V 16A sockets

3.6 litres

3.6 hours @ 75% Load L610x W420 x H410mm36kg
5.0kVA / 4.0KW 1 x 115V 16A sockets
1 x 115V 32A sockets
2 x 230V 16A sockets

6 Litres

3.5 hours @ 75% Load L690x W480 x H540mm59kg
6.0kVA / 4.8KW 1 x 230V 16A sockets
1 x 230V 32A sockets
2 x 115V 16A sockets
1x 115V 32A sockets

24 Litres

17 hours @ 75% Load L1290 x W785 x H890mm196kg

Call us on 01494 559900 for all of your generator hire needs.