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Cat And Genny Cable Detector Hire

Cat and Genny Hire (Cable Avoidance Tool)CAT and Genny Hire

CAT and Genny’s (Cable Avoidance Tools) are use to locate cables underground without the need for digging, commonly used to locate cables before digging commences. If a Genny is used in conjunction with the CAT it can also be used for locating water and other pipes and cables.

The CAT has 3 modes and uses:

Power Mode – for detecting live imbalanced cables. Frequency – 50-400 Hz / Depth of detection – 3 Metres

Radio Mode – for detecting re-radiated radio signals. Frequency – 15-20 kHz / Depth of detection – 2 Metres

Generator Mode – for detecting conductors carrying the signal generated by the Genny. Frequency – 33 kHz / Depth of detection – 3 Metres

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